Oriental bronze sculpture the Snake Charmer by Arthur Strasser (1854-1927)

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Beautiful bronze statue with different tones of patina representing an Orientalist Snake Charmer. Signed on the base by the Austrian sculptor Arthur Strasser (1854-1927). Strasser studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Art from 1871-1875, specializing in sculpture. A grant allowed him to continue his studies in Paris from 1881-1883. In 1892 he left for a trip to Egypt. This was a great inspirational journey for his work, he was devoted to orientalist subjects in small scale sculptures such as this example. These sculptures were highly esteemed and very popular, also with the Imperial Court in Vienna. Strasser was rewarded many prizes at exhibitions and was professor of sculpture at the Viennese Fine Art Academy from 1899 until 1919.
Size: H48 W27 D15.5 cm.
​Foundry marks: "F.P. Sanson succ. Neuerwall 4 Hamburg" and "Bronze garanti au titre Paris"