Vitrine in Chinoiserie Style ''Au Grand Dragon'' Attributed to Louis Majorelle France 19th Century

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France, around 1880-1890. Chinoiserie or Japonism.
Dimensions: H186 W82 D49
An interesting and rare example of chinoiserie or Japonisme, this collectors vitrine with etagere can be dated circa 1890. Based on the use of similar forms, this piece of furniture might be attributed to Louis Majorelle as one of his early works.
The French cabinet maker became famous for his Art Nouveau furniture. However, in his early career he made some pieces of furniture in the taste of the Far East, which was very fashionable in France at the time. A contemporary photograph of Majorelles first shop in Paris shows an example of this type of furniture as well. Made in stained beech- or alderwood a conspicuous round vitrine rests on a winged dragon in carved wood. The cabinet is divided in an open shelved etagere and a beveled glass vitrine adorned with flowers and butterflies in bone and mother-of-pearl inlay. On the left side a gilt bronze dragon crawls up the cabinet. And in the top there is another bronze dragons' head. A small drawer above the base. Good quality with fine detailed finishing. Very nice vitrine to display your (Asian) collectibles.